Structural Group Companies that combine products, engineering and specialty contracting for turnkey capabilities.



Structural Group Companies that combine products, engineering and specialty contracting for turnkey capabilities.



Structural Group Companies that combine products, engineering and specialty contracting for turnkey capabilities.


Products & Engineering through STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES

As Structural Group Companies, STRUCTURAL and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES combine their unique capabilities to provide clients with turnkey product, engineering and construction services. STRUCTURAL integrates its specialty contracting services with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES products and engineering services to create turnkey, technology-driven solutions.

Below is a summary of the products and engineering support services that STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers in conjunction with STRUCTURAL's contracting expertise. To learn more, visit

  • Strengthening

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary products are used to increase the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete and other structure types, including masonry, timber and steel. These systems may be used alone, or in any combination - including other commercially available products to solve complex structural load requirement changes.

    • V-Wrap™ Carbon & Glass FRP Composite Systems
    • DUCON® Micro-Reinforced Concrete Systems
    • VSL® External Post-Tensioning Systems
    • Tstrata Enlargement Systems
  • Force Protection
    Force Protection

    Variable threat levels, design constraints, constructability issues, and cost constraints make force protection projects unique. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES application engineers work hand-in-hand with owners, engineers of record, blast consultants, and general contractors to develop the best solutions from a wide range of products that are all custom-designed to project-specific requirements.

    • DUCON® Micro-Reinforced Concrete Systems
    • V-Wrap™ Carbon & Glass FRP Composite Systems
    • Tstrata Enlargement Systems
    • Tstrata Steel Plate
    • VSL® Bonded, Post Tensioned Floor Systems
  • StrongPIPE™ Pipeline Solutions
    Pipe Rehabilitation

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides strengthening systems for restoration of damaged and/or weakened pressure pipelines, as well as the proactive renewal of critical pipeline segments. Through the use of advanced technologies - STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides clients with a wide range of proven product solutions which repair and extend the life of vital pipeline assets.

    • StrongPIPE® Hybrid FRP
    • V-Wrap™ Carbon Fiber System
    • XPT™ Post-Tensioning System
  • Corrosion Control Systems
    Corrosion Control Systems

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ provides proprietary products and systems supported by highly specialized investigative and engineering services for control of corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel infrastructure:

    • Electro Tech CP™ Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems
    • LifeJacket® Galvanic Cathodic Protection System
    • LIfePanel™ Galvanic Cathodic Protection System
    • Electro Tech CP™ Metalized Cathodic Protection (MCP) Systems
  • Concrete Restoration
    Concrete Restoration

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' concrete products and related services are driven by an overall philosophy of providing unique specialty products that are part of total engineered solutions. Our materials include:

    • Tstrata Sulphate Resistant Restoration Material
    • Tstrata Rapid Cure Restoration Material
    • Tstrata Custom Mixes
  • Moisture Control
    Moisture Control

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES develops unique specialty moisture control products and systems to address specific customer needs or unique special moisture control problems where traditional solutions have not been successful.

    • Electro Tech CP EOP™ Dewatering System
    • MJS™ Monolith Joint Seal
  • Equipment Foundations
    Polyshield® Equipment Foundations

    The Polyshield® ANSI combination is the preferred pump foundation solution that takes advantage of the unique properties of polymer concrete. As a chemical-resistant foundation system that is easily put into place, then grout-filled, the Polyshield® system can be completely installed and operable in less than two days.

    • ANSI & ISO Polyshields
    • Custom Polyshields
  • Post-Tensioning Systems
    VSL Post-Tensioning

    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' solutions feature VSL® branded products - known worldwide as the post-tensioning systems of choice. VSL designs, manufactures, and installs post-tensioning systems to build, repair, and strengthen bridges, high rise buildings, parking structures, tanks, and many other structure types.

    • Bonded Multistrand Systems
    • VSLAB+® Bonded Slab Systems
    • Unbonded Monostrand Systems