Brent Anderson, P.E. & Mark K. Howell
This situation probably sounds familiar … an owner or manager of a historic structure wishes to utilize the basement, however, water leakage through the basement slab or walls has created a wet, musty and unusable environment. In order to get the basement back into working order, a waterproofing
Brent Anderson, P.E.
Escalating land costs, parking requirements, urban heat island effects, the desire to be “green” and various requirements to store runoff water on site have led many design professionals to place buildings below grade and cover parts of them with vegetation. These energy and environmental
Tarek Alkhrdaji, Ph.D., P.E. and Matt Frye
The transportation infrastructure, specifically bridges, plays a vital role in the well being and economic growth of America’s business community. According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), in the next 30 years, domestic freight volume is
Solutions for Healthcare and Higher Education STRUCTURAL has helped owners of commercial and institutional infrastructure—such as office buildings, hospitals, and multifamily residential complexes—by not only repairing damage and deterioration, but also by applying our technology and specialty
Clyde Ellis
To help ease the congestion leaving the airport going westbound to the City of Hialeah, officials opted to construct the LeJeune Flyover, which connects LeJeune Road northbound to Okeechobee Road westbound.
Thomas R. Kline
Many times, especially in Petrochemical Facilities, plant processes must remain on-line; making asset repairs only during planned outages a wistful dream.
Thomas Kline
By definition, anchor bolts are typically a headed or threaded metal bolt or stud that is cast-in-place, grouted-in-place, or drilled into finished concrete.
Asim Jabbar, Jeff Binder
Restoration of the concrete and intricate embedded glass panels of the New York Hall of Science Great Hall.
Paul A Noyce, Yu-You ‘Andy’ Wu, Ph.D.
While complete failure of the concrete often is not an issue, degradation and damage which could lead to unexpected expensive repairs is a concern.